1. How many watts does the 1200 actually pull from the wall?

Answer: The consuming power of the 1200w CREE COB led grow light is about 255W. 

2. What is the 600w actual wattage?

Answer: The 600W actual power is 140W.

3. Will this be good for a 4 x4 tent?

Answer: Yes, this CREE COB 600W LED grow light maximum coverage is 9.5x8.5ft at Height 24” , and core coverage is 5.2x4.9ft at Height 12”.

4. Can the 600w unit cover my 2x5 grow space during flower?

Answer: Yes, its core coverage is 5.2x4.9ft at Height 12”, and the maximum coverage: 9.5x8.5ft at Height 24”.

5. Are these lights dimmable?

Answer: This CREE COB 600w led grow light has no dimmable function at present.

6. How far do you have to put the light from the plants since they have the cob lighting as well?

Answer: The suggestted height from this 600w COB LED grow light to plants as the followings: 36-40" for seedlings, 18-24" for veg, 15-18" for flowering. 

7. My 1200 watt growstar i bought on july 20. one half just stopped working the other day? But my older growstar is just fine is there a refund or?

Answer: Our light has a 2 year warranty on it. Please contact us to tell us your situation with the light and we will direct you with your information. 

8. Can someone please confirm that the 600 W and the 1200 W both have the same core and max coverage of core 4.9 x 5.5 and max 8.4 x 9.5?

Answer: The 600w Core Coverage: 5.2x4.9ft at Height 12” and its maximum coverage: 9.5x8.5ft at Height 24”
. The 1200w Core Coverage: 5.6x4.9ft at Height 12” and its maximum coverage:  9.2x10.5ft at Height 24”.

9. Do i have to get a different light for bloom? 

Answer: This CREE COB 600w led grow light is good for plants all growing stages, you can use it for the whole growing cycle, and it better for plants flowering and fruiting. 

10. Is 2 of the 600w lights too much for 5x5x6 tent?

Answer:  About the heat, two of the 600w lights are fine. Too much heat is not good for the plants.

11.Does the cob 600w led also only have one switch?  

Answer: This CREE COB 600w led grow light has one switch. Because it has full spectrum, so it's very good for plants during different growing stages.